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Welcome to my noisy abstracts - rift with color, texture and odd little found objects that found their way to me. You'll also find my portal series, named as such since each piece is framed in, yes, a reclaimed aircraft window portal.

There's a lot of art out there. Artists, websites, shows... a lot to take in. Regardless of your background and experience, the art world and working with artists can be a little...daunting.

Hello there. My name is Claire and I want to take a moment and not talk about art. I'd like to tell you about some of the things you will experience when doing business with me - the wills and will nots as it were. You will not be buying a mass produced, easily copied space occupier; instead, each piece is one of a kind - unique in both materials and vision. You will be working with one person who wants every piece of art to go to its real home. In other words, you don't just get the art, you get the artist as well.

So let's talk about what makes this art so special. There is a profound moment for me every time I begin a new piece; the moment in which the inherent beauty of each stone merges with my vision of shape or color or form. My family jokes about "the audible gasp" of art making when everything suddenly works and the sum of the parts is eclipsed by the whole. I fall in love with every single piece and I hope that audible gasp is heard by those who view

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Here you will find pieces that originated from mythology and folk songs, animals seen and moments dreamt. Softer, more subtle, these raw slate pieces truly celebrate the inherent beauty of the stone and connect us to the natural world.

my work. Each piece begins on a piece of raw slate or quartz stone skin with a flexible fiberglass backing. From there, you can expect pastels, floated pigment, possibly encaustic medium and even found objects to make an appearance. It all depends on where that particular piece wants to take me. I seal the work with varnish then frame it, all in the comfort of my milking parlour studio in a refurbished dairy barn.

My work continues to evolve as I do. Beginning with slate tiles and encaustic medium, to slate skin figuratives created exclusively with pastel, to my current obsession of abstracts on quartz skin with floated pigments, pastels and found work never repeats itself. I know and love my art but to make things easy for you, I have divided the body of my work into two categories - abstract and figurative. Thank you for taking a moment to meet me. I look forward to meeting you.
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