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About Me | Claire Cundiff Encaustone Art

What inspires me? Nature inspires me. Stories inspire me. The curve of a cheek. An arched eyebrow. The curl of a fox. The wonderful flare of a moose nostril. A myth that makes me gasp. The sudden shouting bloom of a flower. Sheep knees. A child throwing her head back, laughing. The smirk of a woman who knows a secret. Rabbit kits making starfish paws. A beautiful nose. Duck billed platypus skulls. The purple in the shadow of trees. Scapulas. Chameleon hands. What inspires me? Everything.

Raw slate is the backdrop for all of my pieces - the natural bloom of color and textures are key to the look and feel, not to mention subject matter, of my work. Framed with a live edge, my work is suspended by metal clips oxidized to accent the beauty of the stone. I began with raw slate tiles, 12" x 12", 16" x 16" and 12" x 24". All of these pieces are very organic - with cracks and splits in the surface as well as varying thickness in the depth of the piece. My new work utilizes a raw slate veneer on a fiberglass backing. I can now explore the beauty of natural stone on a 24" x 48" substrate - but at a fraction of the weight.

Encaustics, heated wax, pastels (both oil and chalk), graphite crayons and oil pencils are some of the materials I use to build the depth of the image. As I create each layer and add colors, I use a high heat to adhere the medium onto the stone. Toward the completion of the piece, I use a professional grade stone sealer to lock in the work then sandpaper to lighten curves and heighten contrast.

January 2014 I moved my studio into the milking parlor of a remodeled dairy barn. It is small, but very functional with lots of windows and a cement floor. I am there almost every day from 8 to 3 and can usually create a piece a week.

Regardless of size, my pieces are very intimate. Place my work near natural sunlight and enjoy as they shift and change with the arc of the day. Do touch them. Touch them often. This is a moment in time, caught in stone, never to be repeated.

Claire Cundiff | Encaustone

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